Upper Air Sterilizers


The Upper Air Sterilizer Ceiling / Cornermount  units are effective for controlling dangerous airborne contaminants in high-risk or crowded areas, along with optimal usage of power. Warm air convection lifts airborne harmful pathogens into the upper air and get killed when exposed to UV irradiation. 

These units can be easily installed anywhere in the room on plain walls or corners to destroy airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria and mold.

  • Eliminates harmful aerosol pathogens and lowers chances of cross contamination
  • Designed to enable room occupation during the decontamination process to reduce the risk of spreading infection and is ozone free
  • Offers a safe and effective air disinfection method by creating an irradiation zone in the upper portion of any space.
  • Suitable for continual use in occupied and poorly ventilated areas on a 24/7 basis

Effective Sterillization

Continous cycle, air stream triggered sterilization
Sterilizes direct and shadowed surfaces
High power dosage to cover shadows

Powerful Zapping

Uses the most effective 254 nm wavelength
High pathogen kill rates of up to 99.99%
Rapid fluence rates for fast air changes in the area

Intuitive Experience

Easy to install and operate
High UV ouput to power ratio
Safe irradiation zones for busy places

Sturdy Construction

Powder Coated MS Steel for durability
High Gloss aluminium reflector
Lamp failure indicator

Upper Air Sterilizer Series

Upper Air Sterilizer - Wallmount

Upper Air Sterilizer - Ceiling

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