In these times of diseases and pandemics around the world, Life has posed a challenge to all. Companies are investing heavily into inventing devices to offer protection from various diseases by destroying pathogens. This has given rise to sterilization technology based on UVC radiation, which destroys the DNA structure of the pathogens and kills them within seconds.

The people who use these devices are at risk of being exposed to UVC radiation. That can cause skin diseases and eyesight problems.

 We built the best Hazmat Suit that offers protection from UVC radiation by blocking 99.9% of radiation (1-meter distance from UVC light source). The suit also offers Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral protection.

So now, along with the UVC sterilizers, the user can relax and use the sterilizing equipment, safely by putting on this HAZMAT SUIT.

FEATURES: This HAZMAT suit offers the following features –

  1. 99.9 % UV protection (at a distance of 1 meter from the UVC light source)
  2. Anti-Bacterial, Antiviral protection
  3. Strong fabric with nanomaterial coating
  4. Patches of Non-Nano Coated Aqua Green colour cloth offer good breath-ability
  5. Resistant to wear and tear
  6. Gently Washable (In mild detergent)

Universal Size: Due to its universal size, it is easily wearable by an adult of all ages.

Personnel Protection: The Hazmat Suit offers good protection to the operating personnel from the dangers of UVC radiation like Skin diseases and Eyesight problems.

Applications:  Due to its ease of wear-ability, and wash-ability, and rugged strength this Hazmat suit is applicable for use in so multiple facilities, such as –

– Healthcare Industry, Gyms, Yoga Centers, Aerobic centers, Sport Clubs

– Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Theaters

– Education Sectors like Schools, Colleges, Universities

– Transportation Sectors like Cars, Bus, Trains, Airplanes

– Food Processing Industry

– Offices, Cafeteria, Discos, Pubs, Cinema Halls, etc.

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