Safe Occupancy Zones using regular contactless routines

Public areas such as schools, eating places, religious places, hotels, airports and offices, malls, etc. are areas which are prone for continuous movement of people requiring regular sanitary control measures to maintain the safe occupancy zones within the premises. To maintain such high levels of hygienic environment, sanitation employees are employed to manually wipe down and disinfect high-touch areas frequently throughout the day. This is problematic, considering there is always the threat of employees contacting pathogens, and research has shown that not all high-touch areas tend to be cleaned.

Thus, regular and contactless sterilization is the need of the hour especially in pandemic times such as now to ensure that safe occupancy zone efficacy is maintained in all public areas. UV-C based surface sterilization allows a regular automated nightly disinfection to be performed with no user intervention when the applicable public space is empty. The extension to this approach is the use of UV-C air sterilization. Using simple ceiling or wall-mounted air sterilization units, large volumes of air are quietly circulated through the units, where it is exposed to UV-C light. The units are completely sealed, ensuring no light escapes, whilst ensuring treated air is as clean as possible

UV sterilization can also be effective in maintaining a hygienic environment even while occupied by people through fixtures mounted on walls or ceilings to shine ultraviolet light across the top of an interior space, well above people’s heads. Ceiling fans are sometimes installed to draw air upward so that floating bacteria, viruses, and fungi are zapped more quickly. A different frequency of ultraviolet which is safer even when it shines directly on people but can carry out disinfection of surfaces is another option to maintain safe occupancy zones.

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