Air pollution is also one of the most important but less acknowledged hazards in many of the Industrial work places. Industrial air consists an invisible cloud of bioaerosols which may comprise of particulate matter, microorganisms, Volatile Organic Compounds, dust and smoke. These microorganisms and contaminants move on the air currents and get distributed all over the premises circulating through the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems impacting the health and wellness of people causing adverse health effects, including allergic, toxic, and infection responses. Hence it is necessary to monitor the air quality in industries to ensure the health of the workers and to see that the working environment is safe and healthy.

HVAC Airstream Sterilizers provide for an effective sterilization solution for industrial areas which are fitted within the air circulation ducting system. The air stream flowing through the duct is sterilized in the kill zone during the dwell time. These sterilizers utilize the UV light arrangement which is ozone friendly and are generally based on 254nm wavelength. This continuous cycle of air stream-triggered action sterilizes direct and shadowed surfaces. These HVAC systems can be designed to fit the size of the air circulation ducts which enables these sterilizers to be suitable for installation in all industrial areas.

The power rating of such HVAC Airstream Sterilizers is low and they are generally fitted with intelligent controls and sensors which ensure optimum life of the UV lamps through intelligent power management based on air velocity and Index or Absolute Irradiance value. They are also fitted with safety controls such as quartz to protect from dust, moisture, and mercury and motion detection sensors to shut down automatically to optimize their safe working. Thus, HVAC Airstream Sterilizers are cost-effective means to create safe breathing zones in industrial areas.

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