Airstream Sterilizers for coil

Airstream Sterilizers  designed to integrate with any air conditioning system and disinfect air on a continuous basis by removing all viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and other pathogens with remarkable efficiency and absolute discretion. It destroys virtually all captured microbes ensuring no further proliferation, providing thorough air sterilization in all kinds of indoor spaces.

Due to humidity and hospitable environment microorganisms grow rapidly on cooling coils. Microorganisms form a sticky layer of organic matter combined with dust called biofilm, which sticks to the coil and results in poor heat transfer between the coil and air. This leads to reducing inefficiency and higher power consumption. In this case, Airstream sterilizers installed on-coil is primarily used for keeping the coil clean and disinfected, where the UV light falls on the coil and kills all viruses and infections.

Airstream sterilizer when installed falling the cooling coil keeps it clean and disinfect eliminates the biofilm along with all the harmful pathogens and viruses.

  • Bio-film has a heat transfer resistance four times that of scale
  • The reduction or elimination of Bio-film results in energy savings due to improved heat transfer

How does clean coil Save the Energy?

Installing  Airstream  system in front of the coil kills such microorganisms, and hence it does not allow a biofilm to grow. A clean coil decreases the pressure drop across coil which results into the following:

  • Increase in the thermal efficiency (sensible loads) of the cooling coil
  • Decreasing the load on the chiller hence energy saving on chiller by 10-15%
  • Reduction in microbial counts>15 %

Airstream Series Used For HVAC Cooling Coil

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Small Uno UVC-HAS30

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Small Duo UVC-HAS60

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Medium Uno UVC-HAS50

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Medium Duo UVC-HAS100

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Medium Duo HO UVC-HAS160

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Large Uno UVC-HAS90

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Medium UNO HO UVC-HAS150

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Large Duo UVC-HAS180

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Large Duo HO UVC-HAS300

Cassette Airstream Sterilizer UVC-CAF20

Cassette Airstream Sterilizer UVC-CAM35

HVAC Airstream Controller UVC-DLC08

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