Airstream Sterilizers For Duct

Airstream sterilizers designed to integrate with any air conditioning system and sterilize air on a continuous basis by removing all viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen and other pollutants with remarkable efficiency and absolute discretion. It destroys virtually all captured microbes ensuring no further proliferation, providing thorough air sterilization  in all kinds of indoor spaces.

Airborne transmission of diseases through HVAC systems is actually much more prevalent than previously thought, whilst robust cleaning regimes have been adopted, the spread of airborne infections continue to grow. These infections affect between 10 and 20% of individuals and in some cases can be fatal.

Airstream sterilizers in-duct is used for air purification of the desired environment, where the air being circulated is disinfected before being returned from the system.

HVAC Airstream Duct Sterilizers

HVAC Airstream Duct Sterilizer Fixture evenly distributes UV energy across a defined length of duct to deliver the required UV dose to the air moving throughthe irradiated zone. These sterilizers are streamlined in design to keep cooling coil surfaces and condenser pans clean. The easy drill-n-fix installation method allows for rapid deployment and maintenance. The status indicator LED displays the status of lights for monitoring the functioning of the UVC lamps safely.

HVAC Airstream Duct Sterilizer evenly distributes UV energy across a defined length of duct or air-handling unit (AHU) to deliver the proper UV dose to the air moving through the irradiated zone using the minimum power.

Airstream Series Used For Duct

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Duct UVC-HAD50

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Duct UVC-HAD70

HVAC Airstream Sterilizer Duct UVC-HDF70

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