Handheld Sterilizer With Cord

Surface wand sterilizer with designed for effortless sterilization can reach every corner,
table under, countertops and objects. The handgrip and extra-long cord with the plug-in model for flexible operation. The aerodynamic design allows treatment in tight corners.

Portable and Multi-purpose disinfection gadget.

  • Sterilize Tables, Sofas, Chairs and all kind of Furniture’s
  • Sterilize under Tables, Work stations, Cabinets and other hard to reach areas
  • Unique design to allow usage in hard to reach areas like sofa corners
  • Extra long cord length for flexible operation across large areas
  • Sterilize Floors, Tabletops, Countertops and other plain surfaces
UV Handheld Wand Sterilizer | Stavior

Safety Controls for Portable UV Sterilizer:

  • Power switch conveniently placed near the handle grip
  • Recessed edges prevents side-ways dissipation of light
  • Tilt sensor ensures operation only in horizontal orientation

Effective Sterilization

Continuous cycle manually triggered sterilization
Sterilizes hard to reach shadowy regions
High power dosage to cover every shadow

Powerful Zapping

Uses the most effective 254 nm wavelength
High pathogen kill rates of up to 99.9%
Rapid fluence rates for fast turn-around times

Intuitive Experience

High visibility power switch for quick access
High contrast LED indicator for device status
Ergonomic handle for comfortable operation

Sturdy Construction

Stainless Steel body for durability
Handgrip and telescopic handle options
Solid metal construction for joints

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