Disinfection Robot

The Smart Sterilizer Robot  navigates through indoor spaces managed by remote controlled device or autonomously using onboard sensors, sterilizing the spaces they pass through. Smart Sterilizer Robot delivers an automated, measured dose of UVC to consistently disinfect a room from one position, eliminating human error and documenting disinfection results for each cycle. Smart Sterilization robot compensates for room variables such as size, shape and contents to deliver the precise, lethal dose of UVC needed.

  • Infrared sensor for human safety
  • Built-in collision detection by obstacle avoidance
  • Automated room size calibration
  • Effective 360° decontamination
  • Built in Battery for cordless operations

Safety Controls for UV Disinfection Robot :

  • Real-time video feed for monitoring and control
  • Provides audio visual feedback to the operator
  • Automatic shutdown on door movement for human safety
Effective Sterilization

Metered single-cycle, zero-touch sterilization
Destroys airborne and surface-based pathogens
High power dosage to cover shadows

Powerful Zapping

Uses the most effective 254 nm wavelength
High pathogen kill rates of up to 99.99%
Rapid fluence rates for fast turn-around times

Intuitive Experience

Automatically calibrated run-time
Addresses danger of under-dosing
Eliminates human error

Control Center

Deploy, manage, and monitor devices
Real-time location tracking
Treatment logs for validation

Disinfection Robot Series

Topline Autonomous Sterilizer

Topline Automatic Sterilizer

Slimline Autonomous Sterilizer

Slimline Automatic Sterilizer

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